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Cook's Choice is the manufacture of the Better Baker Reversible Edible Bowl Makers, Better Breader Bowl, Breader Bowl, Onion Blossom Maker, Sittin' Chicken and Sittin' Turkey Steamers.

Our fry batters and mixes once were sold under a name well know by the fishing and hunting community but are now sold under our own name. Fry batters such as the Beer Batter, Chicken Fry Batter, Mild, Hot N' Spicy Fish Batters, Onion Blossom Batter, Hushpuppy Batter, as well as our Cream Gravy Mix, and Fruit Cobbler Mix.

We also carry our special blend of seasonings and rubs everyone loves such as the All Purpose Seasoning, Gourmet Steak Seasoning, Brisket Rub, Pork Rub, and our Rib Rub.

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Fry Batter and Mixes.

Fry Batter and MixesPurchase in quantities of 6 (same or mix and match) fry batters and or mixes and receive a $3.99 discount for each order of 6 cans. No limit.

Onion Blossom Batter is not included in this offer.

See all our Fry Batters and Mixes today.

Better Baker
Reversible Bowl Maker

Better Baker 3 in Better Baker 5 in
Better Baker Loaf Bowl
Better Baker Tri Pack
If you love making edible bowls, small cakes, and bread loafs then check out our Better Baker line. Each bowl maker is actually two bows in one. Easy to use and clean afterwards.

Better Breader and Breader Bowl
Mixing Bowls

Better Breader BowlBreader Bowl
Years ago we came out with the Better Breader Bowl designed for breading fish, vegetables, chicken, and fries, then a few years later we introduced the Breader Bowl. The Breader Bowl was designed on the same idea only it is a little deeper and easier to store.

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Stainless Steel

Stinless Steel Cookware This isn't your cheap discount store tri-ply stainless steel cookware. If you have been wanting some extremely well built heavy duty tri-ply stainless steel cookware.
See Tri-Ply Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Cookware offers

Onion Blossom
Line of Products

Onion Blossom Maker Cook's Choice Onion Blossom Batter Mix Onion Blossom Maker Set
Did you know Cook's Choice owns the original Onion Blossom Maker? That's right the original Onion Blossom Maker. We also have a delicious Onion Blossom Batter that is also great on fries. You can purchase them separately or grab the Onion Blossom Maker Set Plus we put to together. It contains the original Onion Blossom Maker, the Breader Bowl, one bag of Onion Blossom Batter and one jar of All Purpose Seasoning. You save almost $15.00 when you purchase the set.

Sittin' Steamers
For Chicken and or Turkey
Grill or Oven Use

Sittin Chicken Steamer Sittin Turkey Steamer
Did you know if you use a pan to catch the drippings you may use the Sittin' Chicken or Sittin' Turkey Steamer in your oven? Customers love the Sittin' Steamers and often ask what other seasonings, oils, liquids, or spices they can use. The truth is you can use what ever seasonings and juices for flavoring you like including wine, which is always a great cooking addition for flavor.

Cook's Choice line of
Batters, Mixes, Seasonings, and Rubs

Fry Batters Seasonings and Rubs
Cook's Choice fry batters, seasonings, and rubs are our main sellers for customers that enjoy great taste made with ease of use. If you use the batters with the Breader Bowl or the Better Breader you can store the un-used portion till your ready to fry again.